Open Position: **Social Media Expert**

  • 31 May 2018


  • The Indiana Biomedical Society will cast the final vote by May 31st 2018. Announcement of the 2018/19 Social Media will be sent to all membership via email.

Registration is closed

Call Out for Open Position!!!!!

"Social Media Expert

Job Description:

The Social Media Expert for the Indiana Biomedical Society is a volunteer role intended to adequately represent the Society’s goals, accomplishments, and current events. The role will manage the social media accounts for the Society under the direction of the President and Vice President.

Job Duties:

  • Create events on social media
  • Post reflections of the events with pictures – (personal camera phone pictures are adequate, unless the   society has hired a professional photographer)
  • Social media duties as assigned by the President or VP
Terms of Role:
  • The role will open each year to all members via the 1st quarterly meeting.
  • Email announcements will be sent immediately following the 1st Quarterly meeting.
  • Current social media expert can run each year with no restrictions
  • The current years Board of Directors will announce the candidate chosen through Email to all members.
  • The role is strictly volunteer and not a Board Position for the Indiana Biomedical Society
  • Role to be held from 1st quarterly meeting of “current year” to 1st quarterly meeting of following year, fulfilling a 1 year term.
  • The individual holding the position of "Social Media Expert" is eligible to run for the position consecutively with no restrictions.

The Social Media Expert will be picked May 31st by the Board of Directors. Registrants and members will be notified following the decision.

Thank you for your interest! The role of Social Media Expert plays an important part to the Indiana Biomedical Society's success.

***Thank you to our current "Social Media Expert" TONYA SAMUELS***

The Indiana Biomedical Society would like to sincerely thank Tonya Samuels for her dedication over the past year! Tonya has done a fantastic job fulfilling the expectations of the role!  

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